The City

The City of London never sleeps.

It evolves constantly and reinvents itself with every new construction site. I am fascinated by its landmark buildings – St Paul’s, Battersea Power Station, Trellick Tower, the Gherkin. Equally, I love London’s Underground – the Tube – one of the busiest in the world. Each of Londons’ boroughs has its own distinctivve style and character. Most of all though, the City of London is an entity on its own, with its own laws and police force. A few square miles only; yet the concentration of people and wealth there is astounding. Walking the streets of the City, one can easily get lost spatially and temporally – turn a corner and you can find yourself in a Dickensian scene, while five minutes later you can step into the not-so-distant future. That is what I love most about London.