Ealing Council Commission 2016

First post deserves to be big. And good. And it is. At the end of last year (2015), Ealing Council approached me with a project in mind, comprising of local photography from the Borough of Ealing to be be shown at a Borough Fair in Cannes, France in March 2016. After a lot of leg work, climbing a building in construction in North Acton, getting access to the Apex Tower in Ealing and visiting the Ferrero Headquarters in Greenford, the project is finalized and ready to deliver. I found some unexpected places in Ealing, had a great view of London and got paid for doing all that. How cool is that! Here is the final selection:

D Yard Train.jpgFerrero 1.jpgGolf.jpgLunch Hour.jpgNortala Swing.jpgNorth Acton.jpgThe View From the Top.jpgThree Cranes.jpg



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